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Which of my plans are growing fastest?
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Don't waste time making the same old charts by hand. Our software detects which charts can be made from your data and automatically creates them on every query.

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The chart types that can be automatically created include: geo-chart maps, line graphs, bubble charts, pie charts, sankey diagrams, scatter charts, and bar charts.

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Our dashboards are based on SQL queries. If you know SQL, you are welcome to use it to construct custom queries.

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Connects to your Stripe™ account and refreshes as fast as we receive your data.

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Your query results are automatically converted into tables & charts, so you can easily visualize the trends and patterns.


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Which of my plans are growing fastest?

Is there a seasonal variation in product sales?

Which product is most popular in each country?

Which product sells best in each month?

What currency is most commonly used to pay for my products?

Where is my product most popular?

Which state has the most disputes and refunds?

How effective was my coupon campaign in March?

Charges CreatedBase FeePrice Per Charge
1 - 1000$10
1001 - 5000$30
5001 - 10,000$80
Only the base price for the total number of charge events is included in the invoice. For example, 1,050 charge events would only incur a $30 base charge.
The per event charge is applied on a tiered basis, therefore the first 1,000 are at 3¢, while the next 50 would be at the lower price of 2¢.
The events that we receive from your Stripe account that are charged for are, specifically, "application_fee.created" and "charge.succeeded". The account is charged at the end of the billing cycle for the base price + metered usage fees, so you will not be charged immediately when subscribing.